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东北师范大学网络教育阅读理解(Reading Comprehension)30套复习题

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内容摘要:阅读理解Passage 1The following is an African folktale:Long ago the sky was close to the Earth……They always tried to remember not to waste th...

阅读理解Passage 1
    The following is an African folktale:
    Long ago the sky was close to the Earth……They always tried to remember not to waste the gifts of nature.
1. The sky in the folktale used to be the source of food .
2. How did the sky show that it was angry? It turned dark.
3. What did Adami do with the pieces he couldn’t finish? He hid them under some garbage.

4. After the sky went away, people had to do farming and hunting.
5. What lesson does the folktale want us to learn? Do not waste any gift of nature.



阅读理解Passage 2
Each year over 600 million people travel international1y…… with them which breeds not contempt ( 蔑视) but kindness.
1. By
the world’s number one employer (Para. 1), the author means that the tourist industry hires the greatest number of workers.
2. According to the passage, tourists may contribute to world peace .
3. The tourist industry in the West began to develop in the 19th century because people lived a better life than before. 
4. Large hotels were built near railway terminals and shipping ports to accommodate an increasing number of tourists.
5. According to Will Jam Gladstone, holiday package tours can help remove misunderstandings between countries.


阅读理解Passage 3

There’s a professor at the University

of Toronto in Canada who has come up with a term to ……into hermits(隐居者)who …...all with just the click of a computer mouse!
1. The Pew study was conducted in the United States.
2. In this passage, the network refers to a lot of connected people.
3. Before the invention of the Internet, our connections with people took place mainly in person.
4. Which of the following has happened since the invention of the Internet? Much personal interaction has given way to computer interaction.
5. According to the Pew study, the role played by the Internet in human interaction is positive.

阅读理解Passage 4
    Cold weather has a great effect on how our minds and our bodies work.….. brutal(
残忍的) things to ……that he was left out in the cold, and it is not a pleasant place to be in.

1. The focus of the passage is the meanings of expressions with "cold".

2. A cold-blooded killer may take the life of another person for no reason.

3.If a person "gets cold feet"he or she may feel a little frightened.

4. A cold fish is a person who is indifferent to others' sufferings.

5. Which of the following expressions may mean "unlucky"? Out in the cold.


阅读理解Passage 5
    Plastic bags are fast choking our planet……a sustainable(
可持续的) alternative …… and fashionable eco-friendly bags, please visit http ://www. kariwala. com.
1. The phrase
to come up with’ Para. I) meansto produce.
2. Cotton bags are becoming popular because they are eco-friendly and fashionable.
3. Kariwala is probably a manufacturer of bags.

4. By
revolution (Para. 5) , the author probably refers to the widespread use of eco-friendly bags.
5. The primary purpose of the author is to promote Kariwala cotton bags.

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